Guided Hunts

The beauty of West Texas is captured in the awesome backdrop of the Hamilton Ranch. From rolling, grassy plains, to painted caprock canyon walls, the splendor of this place is indescribable. It can also be treacherous. The warm sun, lighting up the cracks and crevices along the canyon walls, invite the native rattlesnake out for afternoon naps. The rocky terrain can also be hard to navigate no matter what mode of transportation you may be using, but with the help of our guides, you can enjoy every minute of your West Texas experience.

Spot and Stalk - Glassing for game from a distance, locating an opportunity and moving in.

Blind Hunting - Setting up in a traditional blind on food plots and waiting for an opportunity.

High Racking - Moving through the country using a portable highrack, spotting an opportunity and moving in.

Any legal means.
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